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Our WeCare Program demonstrates our commitment to patients through three key initiatives:

This community-driven initiative engages both community members and employees in assembling care packages and writing personalized notes for future patients. The WeBuild event offers a break from the office while making a tangible difference in the lives of newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.


Through assembling care packages, colleagues unite in a shared mission, demonstrating the power of teamwork and compassion. This act not only provides practical support but also fosters a sense of camaraderie and purpose beyond the workplace, illustrating the profound impact of coming together for a good cause.



WeGive Days

WeGive Days
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THE BCF WeGive Day St. Jude 2023

THE BCF WeGive Day St. Jude 2023

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THE BCF WeGive Day 2023

THE BCF WeGive Day 2023

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THE BCF WeGive Day 2022

THE BCF WeGive Day 2022

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THE BCF WeGive Drive-Through 2021

THE BCF WeGive Drive-Through 2021

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We partner with hospitals to host WeGive Days to bring cancer patients together for an afternoon of community, education, and giving. Whether it be an in in-person lunch or drive-up experience, each patient is presented with a WeCare Package.

Hospital & Breast Centers

By partnering with hospitals and breast centers, we guarantee that our care packages are readily available to patients at the time of diagnosis or during treatment appointments. This direct distribution method enables us to reach individuals when they need support the most, offering them comfort and resources to aid in their journey towards recovery.

Patient Homes

THE BCF also directly ships care packages to patient homes, reaching those who may not have easy access to support services or who prefer the comfort of receiving assistance in the privacy of their own homes. This approach allows us to connect with patients across geographical distances, ensuring that no one feels isolated or alone in their fight against breast cancer.



Focused on five categories of care, we design packages full of products and resources to help patients manage their pain, lift their spirits and remind them that they're not alone.


WeCare about your Beauty

WeCare about your Comfort

WeCare about your Wellness

WeCare about your Journey

WeCare about your Loved Ones

Thank you to all our partners who help the WeCare program reach patients in need.

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Designed from the first hand experiences of young breast cancer survivor Erin Monroe, The WeCare package is made up of five components essential to patient support. From informative reading materials to comforting socks, this package is full of beneficial resources to help breast cancer patients in the utmost tangible, caring way.​


View this video to learn about the first patient we served, Dora Brake.

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