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Crystal Matich Gippe & Family

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"In tough times like these, you think you are alone. That nobody understands you. Nobody gets what you’re going through. Until someone reaches their hand out to pull you up out of the darkness. That hand was Nilo G. Her nonprofit, THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser (THE BCF), has been there for thousands of women over the years. In my short time volunteering for THE BCF and attending their events, I was able to witness so many inspiring and strong women go through exactly what my mom was facing now. The tough challenges they met head-on were supported by THE BCF and Nilo.


My mom, Ginger Matich, was soon blessed with a WeCare package filled with amazing items to help her along her breast cancer journey. The overwhelming amount of love that came from this package was infectious. My mom called me and went through each and every item, explaining to me how each one might help her along with this fight. I was blown away. My mom wasn’t alone. She was fighting alongside so many other women who have gone down this very path. If it was at all possible, her strength grew.


A simple act and a simple gesture from people we’ll never know gave my mom so much. Her battle has just begun, but her family, the supporters of THE BCF, and the many women who have battled before her are with her every step of the way."

Ginger Matich

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